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Scandinavia - Weekly Recap (Weeks 40-41, July 1-14, 2019)

This stretch of travel started off… bad. I wrote about that here. But it was so epic that I decided to tease it out so I could give Norway and Sweden their due, because despite our internal misery, I really loved our time in Scandinavia. We were also lucky to spend most of it with our friends Steph and Rob, who were on their babymoon.

Bergen was unexpectedly charming and beautiful, and really felt like a respite after busy Dublin. We walked through the Bryggen area and even visited their little aquarium which is the only time I can recall seeing penguins outdoors. We took the funicular up the side of the Floyen mountain and ate ice cream and admired the views.

Before we left we debated how to see the fjords, not too excited about the insanely long day required by the typical Norway in a Nutshell itinerary. We ended up deciding to make our way across Norway via the fjords. We took the train to Voss, the bus to Gundvagen, a boat to Flam, and stayed overnight there. Then the following morning we took the scenic train from Flam to Myrdal and then the regular train from Myrdal to Oslo. All of it was beautiful, but the train from Myrdal to Oslo had the distinction of having a play room for kids in the family car, which meant WP had a soft place to bounce around, books to read, and a movie playing for the long ride, which was amazing. All trains should have this!

When we got to Oslo we checked into our Airbnb, the last one we’d stay in on the trip, which had an amazing deck. We at dinner at Brutus, where WP at two duck wings while swaying to a soundtrack of Steely Dan, checked out the Munch museum, and then Steph and Rob headed to Copenhagen for a few days while we wandered the neighborhood of Grunnelokka, drank coffee, and visited playgrounds. We met back up in Stockholm.

We managed to find a babysitter in Stockholm through a friend of a friend so we got the chance to do some touristy things during the day like the amazing Vasa Museum and also to go out for Swedish meatballs at night. We stayed in the awesome Sodermalm neighborhood and got our shopping fix as well.

Overall Scandinavia was a lot of fun and we’ll be back for sure.

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