About Us

We had great jobs and we left them. We were rising in our careers and we hit pause. We had a baby and -- well, she's coming with us. After over ten years in the San Francisco Bay Area, we've packed up and we're moving on.

We are headed back to the East Coast, to New York, to be closer to family and to try to find some of what we've been missing in the Bay. But by way of twelve months of international travel (yes, when we started talking about this we said six but there is just too much to see and do out there). So many folks have asked us about this choice, particularly the "how" of it, that we wanted to create a space to share that, along with the "how's it going" piece as well. We're nervous, we're excited, we're grateful for the chance to be on this adventure. 


We're really going-pher it and we hope you'll follow along. Where will we pop up next? 


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